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The mission of the Symposium of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) is to provide a university-wide forum for Central Washington University (CWU) students, encouraging equity, diversity, and inclusivity, representing all disciplines and experience levels, to present their mentored research, scholarship, and creative works in a juried environment that meets professional conference standards and expectations.

The 2022 SOURCE program is hybrid. Pre-recorded virtual talks are colored green and can be watched anytime. Live/in-person sessions with Zoom access can be found in the daily schedule. Thank you for joining us!

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Eponine Romo

Monday, May 16


A Dancer's Image VirtualSydney Baker • Gabrielle McNeillie Analyzing Home Prices in Washington State VirtualAbby Tallman • Brandy Wiegers Cli-Fi Films: The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and Wall-E (2008) VirtualHeidi Flores-Montiel • Pamela McMullin-Messier Combatting COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media: Do False Information Tags Work? VirtualJeremy Simmons • Danielle Polage Disproportionate Learning Disparities Among Student of Color During the COVID-19 Pandemic VirtualNatalie Amos • Chase Claymore • Arturo Contreras • Lea Lebaron • Eunice Magana • Heath Marrs Nutrition education manual for parents and caregivers in rural areas of Western Africa VirtualSaran Sidibe • Tafere Belay • Dana Ogan • Kelly Pritchett Parent-Child Relationship and Attachment Security: Divorce as a Mediating Factor VirtualHanna Bruning • Caverna Headley • Amy Claridge Parental Age and Parent-Child Relationship Warmth VirtualEllie Chaffin • Megan Clausen • Meredith Craven • Nadia Gelle • Madison Shinn • Amy Claridge Parental Conflict and Parent-Child Emotional Connection Among Emerging Adults VirtualSharissa Bird • Megan Johnson • Shae Petty • Kailey Pfeiffer • Amy Claridge Reese Sigman is Lying Completely Still VirtualReese Sigman • Jerry Dougherty • Kathryn Stahl Suicide and South Korean Youth: How a World Class Education System affects its Adolescents VirtualGrace Hendricks • Chong Eun Ahn • AKS Korean Studies Scholarship The Monsters Within: An Analysis of Minorities in the Horror Film VirtualJulianna Kropla • M. O'Brien • McNair Program
Wednesday, May 18

3:45pm PDT


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