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The mission of the Symposium of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) is to provide a university-wide forum for Central Washington University (CWU) students, encouraging equity, diversity, and inclusivity, representing all disciplines and experience levels, to present their mentored research, scholarship, and creative works in a juried environment that meets professional conference standards and expectations.

The 2022 SOURCE program is hybrid. Pre-recorded virtual talks are colored green and can be watched anytime. Live/in-person sessions with Zoom access can be found in the daily schedule. Thank you for joining us!

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Miranda Roseman

Monday, May 16


A Resource Guide Towards Improving Mental Health Through Art VirtualMadison Moon • Cristina Bistricean • Allyson Rogan-Klyve Academic Writing and Editing: Analysis and History VirtualKathleen Singleton • Paul Martin Aging is Associated with a Downregulation of Genes Linked to Protein Ubiquitination and Glucose Metabolism in Human Skeletal Muscle. VirtualColton Hart • Jared Dickinson • Jon Dickinson (Graduate student) Associations between Atherogenic Markers and Hearing Loss: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: 2011-2012, 2015-2016 VirtualAnna (Anya) Rombakh • David Gee • Nicole Stendell-Hollis • Amie Wojtyna Biological Processes Associated With Up-Regulated Genes in Aging Human Skeletal Muscle VirtualJonathan Dickinson • Jared Dickinson Chimpanzee Enrichment Activity within a Sanctuary Environment VirtualJay Holloway • Kara Gabriel Computational Analysis of Breathing Rates for Distracted Drivers VirtualAdara Andonie • Razvan Andonie • Joe Lemley Effects of Chemical Exposure on Hepatocyte Mitochondrial Networks and Cell Viability VirtualBethany Eaton • Carin Thomas Electron Scattering Measurements of La1-xSrxMnO3 VirtualNyal McCrea • Benjamin White Emerging Adults’ Living Proximity from Home and Parent-Child Emotional Vulnerability VirtualMelissa Garrison • Alana Glaser • Michelle Meza • Riley Aguilar • Amy Claridge Home Medicines Reminder and Dispenser Machine VirtualLin Siyuan • Lad Holden • Jeff Wilcox Molecular Motor Movement in a 3D Cytoskeleton Network VirtualDominic Horne • Erin Craig Neutral Face Expression Recognition and Big-5 Personality Trait Attributes VirtualMiranda Roseman • Amber Anderson • Mary Radeke • Anthony Stahelski Observing Transiting Exoplanets with the Central Washington University 0.6-meter Research Telescope VirtualNatalie Velez • Cassandra Fallscheer • McNair Program Solar Panel Mounted Ultrasonic Anemometer VirtualGage Johnson • Lad Holden Thyroid Hormone was Associated with Obesity in Adolescents aged 12 - 19 years in the United States: Data from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2011 – 2012 VirtualMaya Jensen • Tafere Belay • David Gee • Susan Hawk Using Numerical Analysis to Explore Ovarian Cancer VirtualCleta Malwitz • Brandy Wiegers What happens when Tires Retire? VirtualTimothy Eberl • Brandy Wiegers
Wednesday, May 18

1:15pm PDT

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Thursday, May 19

12:15pm PDT

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