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The mission of the Symposium of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) is to provide a university-wide forum for Central Washington University (CWU) students, encouraging equity, diversity, and inclusivity, representing all disciplines and experience levels, to present their mentored research, scholarship, and creative works in a juried environment that meets professional conference standards and expectations.

The 2022 SOURCE program is hybrid. Pre-recorded virtual talks are colored green and can be watched anytime. Live/in-person sessions with Zoom access can be found in the daily schedule. Thank you for joining us!

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Monday, May 16


A Geochemical Study of the Teanaway River and its Tributaries, Central Washington VirtualMegan Jackson • Carey Gazis • WASER Grant A Practical Guide for Kindergarten Teachers of Nonverbal Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). VirtualEllah Nichols • Naomi Jeffery Petersen A Resource Guide Towards Improving Mental Health Through Art VirtualMadison Moon • Cristina Bistricean • Allyson Rogan-Klyve Academic Writing and Editing: Analysis and History VirtualKathleen Singleton • Paul Martin Activity Area Analysis for the Sanders Site (45KT315) VirtualEmily LaPlante • Steven Hackenberger • C. Farrell Fine Arts & Research Scholarship Aging is Associated with a Downregulation of Genes Linked to Protein Ubiquitination and Glucose Metabolism in Human Skeletal Muscle. VirtualColton Hart • Jared Dickinson • Jon Dickinson (Graduate student) An Exploration of Science Education Around the World VirtualTricia Daly • Allyson Rogan-Klyve An Interest in Food, Culture, and Food Culture VirtualDJ Johnson • Paula Collucci Analysis and comparison using different instrumentation amplifier VirtualKalkidan Melaku • Lad Holden • Jeff Wilcox Analyzing Air Quality Trends in Bishkek VirtualJosh Johnson • Brandy Wiegers Analyzing Consumer Price Index Over Time in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Area VirtualNickolis Haviland • Brandy Wiegers Analyzing Home Prices in Washington State VirtualAbby Tallman • Brandy Wiegers Analyzing the relative density of Whitebark pine cones in the cascade mountains VirtualSeth Valenzuela • Dominic Singh • Alison Scoville • Funding from Central OUR Grants Anti-eBay VirtualAlex Worland • Nick Fechtel • Adara Andonie • Szilard Vajda Assessing the Accessibility of the Department of Health’s Efforts to Reach Disadvantaged Individuals for Participation in Discussions on Health Equity VirtualAutumn Straker • Naomi Jeffery Petersen Assessment of Aflatoxin Exposure in School- Aged Children in Southern Ethiopia VirtualMelanie Dean • Tafere Belay • David Gee • Susan Hawk Associations between Atherogenic Markers and Hearing Loss: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: 2011-2012, 2015-2016 VirtualAnna (Anya) Rombakh • David Gee • Nicole Stendell-Hollis • Amie Wojtyna Barriers to Prolonged Student Led Civic Engagement: Utilizing a PESTLE analysis to Create Sustainable College Student Experiences and Activist Praxis that Withstand Annual Student Transitions & Attrition VirtualDylan Gilbert • Niranjan Malla • Ava Pruitt • Jackson Sorensen • Audrey Tribble • Deanna Marshall • Funding from Central OUR Grants Biological Processes Associated With Up-Regulated Genes in Aging Human Skeletal Muscle VirtualJonathan Dickinson • Jared Dickinson Bishop Spring, the Zooarchaeology and Geoarchaeology of an Early Holocene Deposit, Quincy, WA VirtualCorwin Brewerm • Izzabella Perini Chimpanzee Enrichment Activity within a Sanctuary Environment VirtualJay Holloway • Kara Gabriel Cli-Fi Films: The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and Wall-E (2008) VirtualHeidi Flores-Montiel • Pamela McMullin-Messier Combatting COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media: Do False Information Tags Work? VirtualJeremy Simmons • Danielle Polage Comparison of Lichen Growth Between Basalt Boulders and Talus VirtualAlicia McAfee • Fernanda Alvarez • Jordan Echaniz • Erin McConnachie • Lisa Ely Computational Analysis of Breathing Rates for Distracted Drivers VirtualAdara Andonie • Razvan Andonie • Joe Lemley Conducting Numerical Analysis of Mt.Baker Snowfall Data VirtualCameron Bundy • Brandy Wiegers Connections Across the Land in the Kittitas Valley: Geographic Plotting of Material Diversity at the Grissom Site (45KT301) VirtualKiley Radovich • Kevin Menzia • Nik Simurdak • Maria Kovach • Lauren Otto • Jeremy Cobb • Patrick McCutcheon Controlled Chaos: Organizing and Working with Extant Archaeological Collections VirtualKiley Radovich • Kevin Menzia • Nik Simurdak • Maria Kovach • Lauren Otto • Jeremy Cobb • Patrick McCutcheon Corporate Values of Tribally Owned Companies in Washington State VirtualHalle Hull • Han Donker Creating a Longstanding Food Pantry Lead by Students of Color VirtualMegan Verrall • Bianca Sanchez • Jaeda Nelson • Andrea Guillen-Hernandez • Kenia Morales • Matthew Braganza • Kate Dougherty CWU Student Price Index VirtualBetty Mittelsteadt • Kaylee Cooper • Landen Hashimura • Mia Young • Tennecia Dacass Developing and Validating a Standard Operating Procedure for Quantitative Analysis using Central Washington University's X-ray Diffractometer VirtualKatherine Lucas • Angela Halfpenny • Chris Mattinson • William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC) • Funding from Central OUR Grants Discovery of Novel Boronates; Structural Building Blocks of Potential Enzyme Inhibitors VirtualKaitlyn Ditter • Tyler Pratt • Hannah Reynolds • Jacob Olson • Levente Fabry-Asztalos • Funding from Central OUR Grants Disproportionate Learning Disparities Among Student of Color During the COVID-19 Pandemic VirtualNatalie Amos • Chase Claymore • Arturo Contreras • Lea Lebaron • Eunice Magana • Heath Marrs Education Systems in East Asia VirtualNicholas Mahoney • Chong Eun Ahn • AKS Korean Studies Scholarship Effects of Chemical Exposure on Hepatocyte Mitochondrial Networks and Cell Viability VirtualBethany Eaton • Carin Thomas Electron Scattering Measurements of La1-xSrxMnO3 VirtualNyal McCrea • Benjamin White Emerging Adults’ Living Proximity from Home and Parent-Child Emotional Vulnerability VirtualMelissa Garrison • Alana Glaser • Michelle Meza • Riley Aguilar • Amy Claridge EnRoute - EV Charging Station Locator VirtualRichard DeYoung • Kirsten Boyles • Lucas Keizur • Szilard Vajda Essential Sign Language for Hospital Visits VirtualKira South • Naomi Jeffery Petersen Evaluation of antileishmanial activity of synthetized thiazolidinone compounds VirtualKiera Bush • Timothy Beng • Blaise Dondji • Gabrielle Stryker Formula One Telemetry Analysis VirtualAndrew Struthers • Lad Holden Global Temperature Anomalies VirtualNolan Dahlman • Brandy Wiegers Gold Mineralization in Liberty, Washington VirtualTimothy Miller • Angela Halfpenny • CWU Graduate Student Research/Creative Activity Support Award • Funding from Central Faculty-Student Provost Research Grants Healthy Eating, Healthy You Education Workshop VirtualNatalie Seitz • Tafere Belay • Susan Hawk • Kelly Pritchett Home Medicines Reminder and Dispenser Machine VirtualLin Siyuan • Lad Holden • Jeff Wilcox Impact of THRIVE at a Predominantly White Institution: Building New Legacies & Reclaiming Space VirtualJaeda Nelson • Janette Chien • Katrina Whitney Improving student outcomes through growth mindset micro-messaging and appreciative advising VirtualGiselle Jaimes • Han Vo • Tonya Buchanan Instrumentation of a BLDC Motor and Its Operating Characteristics VirtualKollin Dix-Krebbs • Lad Holden • EET Program Introducing Assistive Technology in the Classroom for Early Education VirtualMia Hernandez • Naomi Jeffery Petersen Investigating the Effects of Body Weight Fluctuations on Insulin Resistance in Adults: an NHANES Study VirtualJessica Burke • David Gee • Susan Hawk • Dana Ogan Late Holocene Fire History Reconstruction from Beaver Lake in the Northwest Lowlands of The Olympic Peninsula VirtualGrace McKenney • Megan Walsh Lookism and Education VirtualJessica Benitez • Chong Eun Ahn • AKS Korean Studies Scholarship Méhul’s "Le jeune sage et le vieux fou": Adapted English Translation VirtualEmily Bopp • Gayla Blaisdell • Michael Johnson • Jeffrey Snedeker • Funding from Central Faculty-Student Provost Research Grants Microcontroller Communication VirtualMason Andrews • Lad Holden Mima Mounds, Crust & Fire VirtualAbbey Crowe • Philip Siguenza • Anthony Smith • Lisa Ely Mobility Access in the Clothing Section of the Federal Way, WA, Wal-Mart Supercenter VirtualOlivia Bentley • Naomi Jeffery Petersen Molecular Motor Movement in a 3D Cytoskeleton Network VirtualDominic Horne • Erin Craig More than accessibility: Universal design and universal design for learning in a STEM Laboratory VirtualAmanda Rosenzweig • Naomi Jeffery Petersen Neutral Face Expression Recognition and Big-5 Personality Trait Attributes VirtualMiranda Roseman • Amber Anderson • Mary Radeke • Anthony Stahelski Nutrition education manual for parents and caregivers in rural areas of Western Africa VirtualSaran Sidibe • Tafere Belay • Dana Ogan • Kelly Pritchett Observing Transiting Exoplanets with the Central Washington University 0.6-meter Research Telescope VirtualNatalie Velez • Cassandra Fallscheer • McNair Program Paleoseismic investigation of rupture in the northeastern Kittitas Valley, Washington VirtualGaret Huddleston • Walter Szeliga • Funding from Central Faculty-Student Provost Research Grants Parent-Child Relationship and Attachment Security: Divorce as a Mediating Factor VirtualHanna Bruning • Caverna Headley • Amy Claridge Parental Age and Parent-Child Relationship Warmth VirtualMeredith Craven • Madison Shinn • Ellie Chaffin • Nadia Gelle • Megan Clausen • Amy Claridge Parental Conflict and Parent-Child Emotional Connection Among Emerging Adults VirtualMegan Johnson • Shae Petty • Kailey Pfeiffer • Sharissa Bird • Amy Claridge Perceptions of Overcrowding in National Parks VirtualMegan Robins • Lucy McCoy • Carla Jellum Predictive Modeling for Buying and Selling Bitcoin VirtualEvan Nordin • Andrew Struthers • Brandy Wiegers Preliminary Analysis of Fauna from 1950s Excavations at a Coastal Site in Willapa Bay, Washington VirtualKevin Menzia • Patrick Lubinski Prevalence of Rickettsia in ticks collected near I-90 in Upper Kittitas County VirtualDaniela Mendez • Gabrielle Stryker Quantifying the Perception of News Articles on Tide Gauge data related to the Tohoku Tsunami VirtualLuke Michel • Walter Szeliga • McNair Program Sediment-size distribution and vegetation density on alluvial fans in Umtanum Canyon VirtualJennifer Lewis • Thomas Badar • Daniel Brenneman • Lisa Ely Self-Efficacy Among Yakima County Agricultural Workers During a COVID-19 Delta Variant Surge VirtualHannah Lascano • Tishra Beeson • Katarina Mucha • Casey Mace-Firebaugh, PhD, MPH • Amie Wojtyna Sentiment analysis and social media: quantifying the impact of the 2016 presidential election VirtualZach Ohara • Brandy Wiegers Solar Panel Mounted Ultrasonic Anemometer VirtualGage Johnson • Lad Holden Solar Power Microcontroller Fan VirtualJahmal Rowe • Lad Holden Spatial Trends of Multi-Home Ownership in College-Towns versus Non-College Towns VirtualConnor Hayes • John Bowen Stereocontrolled Synthesis and Evaluation of Platelet Aggregation Inhibitory Activity of Highly Decorated Lactam Carboxamides VirtualJane Eichwald • Jolyn Fessenden • Kaiden Quigley • Jayme Zesiger • Timothy Beng • Funding from Central Faculty-Student Provost Research Grants • Funding from Central OUR Grants Suicide and South Korean Youth: How a World Class Education System affects its Adolescents VirtualGrace Hendricks • Chong Eun Ahn • AKS Korean Studies Scholarship Super Bowl Popularity Estimated Using Taylor, Legrange, Hermite, and Cubic Spline Approximations VirtualEvan Swearingen • Brandy Wiegers The COVID Slide: Learning Loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic VirtualChase Claymore • Arturo Contreras • Lea Lebaron • Natalie Amos • Eunice Magana • Heath Marrs The effect of the microbiome on the productivity of wheat in response to stress VirtualRowan Thomas • Mary Poulson • Shirley Joan Cook Undergraduate Research Award The Impact and Efficacy of Psychosocial Support Practices For Grieving Families in Pediatric Health Care VirtualCaitlin Burkwist • Alyssa Madrigal • Amy Claridge • Katy Tenhulzen • Funding from Central Faculty-Student Provost Research Grants The Monsters Within: An Analysis of Minorities in the Horror Film VirtualJulianna Kropla • M. O'Brien • McNair Program The Potential Impact of Race/Ethnicity and Skin Tone on Voter Judgements of Candidates of Color VirtualIsaiah Andersen • Tonya Buchanan • Patrizia Chirco Thyroid Hormone was Associated with Obesity in Adolescents aged 12 - 19 years in the United States: Data from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2011 – 2012 VirtualMaya Jensen • Tafere Belay • David Gee • Susan Hawk Type One Diabetes: Misconceptions and Stigma VirtualLuke Stoner • Naomi Jeffery Petersen Universal Design Considerations for Exercise and Swimming Pool Facilities VirtualChristian Bacon • Naomi Jeffery Petersen Using Numerical Analysis to Explore Ovarian Cancer VirtualCleta Malwitz • Brandy Wiegers Utilizing MTSS for English Learners VirtualJuan Serrano • Maritsa Rodriguez • Nick Garcia • Heath Marrs What About Me? Understanding the Relationship Between Gender Identity and Social Anxiety VirtualJessica Allen • Tonya Buchanan • Kara Gabriel • Susan Lonborg What happens when Tires Retire? VirtualTimothy Eberl • Brandy Wiegers

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